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Award-winning singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, renowned for her unwavering authenticity, Annie is a composer of honest, original folk songs. Through stories and experience, she powerfully captures the reality of existence in 21st Century Britain.


 Annie has recently composed an EP of songs in the Cornish Language, covering political, socioeconomic and philosophical topics, including: general strike, saving the NHS & Cornish and broader Celtic connections to culture. 


Joined by renowned Cornish folk musicians, Alan Pengelly (The Brim Ceilidh Band) and Jamie Wakeham (The Stowes); for trio shows, plus John Gray (Ska'd for Life) to form the band; combining ethereal vocals, haunting strings with melodic accordion and captivating bouzouki to create an honest and original, timeless sound.


Once in a while, an artist comes along that completely stops me in my tracks. Annie Baylis is a perfect example of this.


John McCusker


Having recently won the International Pan Celtic Song Competition (2023) in Carlow, Ireland with the song Oll An Dra (Run the Show), 2024 is set to be an exciting year seeing the trio release a new record and tour a live set nationally and internationally, with concerts at International Pan Celtic Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival and Lorient International Celtic Festival.

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