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“Who Cares?” - Support for NHS Nurses and Staff 

In support of the NHS Nurses Strikes, I'm so excited to share a song and short film. Written to remind nurses and all the workers taking industrial action, both on the picket line and behind the scenes, that


I wrote it for my mum who is a nurse, and all nurses, and all those who are forced to take strike action to have their pay and conditions kept fair. My Mum has given her life to the service, and I wanted this to be my gift to her, to recognise how she has given her life, to give others a chance in life. 

I want to make sure as many people as possible keep supporting the nurses, and all workers who are striking for fair pay and conditions. It’s written for the nurses – to say thank you – keep going – we understand, are with you, and care for you. 




#OurNHS #FairPayforNursing

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